1. Young Woman Smiling

    Common Dental Problems

    There are many reasons that people see the dentist, but some are so common that you will probably experience at least one in your lifetime. We will explore common dental problems and what to do if you are suffering. Of course, we'd be happy to schedule an appointment for a checkup here at our Overla…Read More

  2. Toothpaste, Tooth Model, and Toothbrush

    A History of Dentistry, and Today’s New Technology

    Do you have any fears or apprehensions going to the dentist? Is the thought of a filling or a root canal something you avoid? Just be glad you didn’t have to resort to digging out your own cavities with stone tools, as seems to be the case in a recently found 13,000 year old skeleton! The discover…Read More

  3. Woman Using Ice Bag on Jaw

    No One Plans on Having a Dental Emergency!

    When was the last time you decided to have a dental emergency? Never! No one plans to have trauma or damage to their mouth and teeth, but accidents happen and you need to be prepared. Knowing what common dental emergencies could occur, and having a dentist you trust will be crucial to ensuring your …Read More

  4. Dental Cleaning With Metal Pick

    How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help You Love to Smile

    Many people head to the dentist when they have pain, have chipped a tooth, or see a cavity forming. Maintaining the health of your teeth is incredibly important, but have you considered how cosmetic dentistry could help you? Even if your teeth are free from cavities, you may be self-conscious about …Read More

  5. Dental Cleaning and Checkups Banner

    Why Regular Dental Checkups Are So Important

    If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, you may be putting it off and wondering if you even really need the keep your routine checkups. Going to the dentist is extremely important, and the health of your mouth can indicate how healthy you are overall. Get back to the dentist, and keep y…Read More