1. 6 Benefits Of Braces

    Believe it or not, braces have been around for almost 300 years. French dentist, Pierre Fauchard, is credited with having invented them roughly 50 years before the United States was establishing its independence. In a world where things change so much, so fast — especially in terms of medical adva…Read More

  2. 5 Advantages of the iTero Digital Intraoral Scanner

    When it comes to medical health, be it dental, orthodontic, or otherwise, a sure sign of excellence is a commitment to staying current with the latest technologies, the best practices, and the most comfortable and effective treatments for patients. And at Love To Smile in Overland Park, we’re comm…Read More

  3. Are Tooth Sealants Right For Me?

    Good dental health starts with good dental hygiene and habits such as regular brushing, flossing, and semi-annual cleanings. However, as dentists who see all kinds of people, we can tell you with confidence that for some folks, great dental care routines still don’t cut it, and there are lots of r…Read More

  4. 5 Great Reasons To Choose Invisalign® Braces

    It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in or what you do for a living, the decision to get braces is one that is worth taking some time to consider. Not so much because you need to evaluate the value of braces for helping you to get straighter, healthier teeth that you can feel confident in,…Read More

  5. Dental Fillings 101

    There you are just minding your own business eating ice cream or enjoying a cup of coffee when, all of a sudden, you feel quite a bit of sensitivity to the cold or hot substance in one of your teeth. It’s an alarming sensation if you aren’t expecting it, and it very well may mean that you’re i…Read More

  6. Woman Smiling With Rose Colored Glasses

    Gum Care 101

    While we spend our time in front of the mirror looking at our pearly whites, we should be paying just as much attention to the rest of our mouths, especially our gums. While supporting our teeth, gums also serve as a line of defense against plaque and bacteria that can attack the roots of our teeth.…Read More

  7. Hands Holding Strawberries

    Top Foods to Help Whiten Your Teeth

    While brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups can go a long way to ensure that your pearly whites stay white and pearly, you may still end up with stains on your teeth. And unfortunately, that’s rather inevitable. Throughout our day to day, we end up consuming things that stain our teeth, …Read More

  8. Woman With Brilliant White Teeth

    Why You Should Wait 30 Minutes to Brush

    We’ve all heard it before: Brush your teeth after meals. And while that suggestion remains valid, we should be wary that you should also wait to brush after certain meals. The saying really ought to be: Brush your teeth after you’ve waited 30 minutes after a meal. Why? Well, studies show that ou…Read More

  9. How to Kick Your Sugary Diet Banner IV

    How to Kick Your Sugary Diet: Part IV

    Okay, so we’ve covered why sugar is bad, why it is addictive, and steps you can take to change your habits and curb your addiction (which we covered in part three of our article series). In our final article, we’re going to offer up some suggestions to help you set goals for your sugar intake, a…Read More

  10. How to Kick Your Sugary Diet Banner II

    How to Kick Your Sugary Diet: Part III

    As we mentioned in part two of our series entitled How to Kick Your Sugary Diet, it can be difficult to cut the bad habit of sugar consumption and form a better habit of healthy dieting. That fact remains true because sugar is so addictive. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome a sugar addiction. …Read More