1. Very friendly and professional!

    Dr. Patel is great! Very friendly, professional and has a sense of humor! Makes going to the dentist a painless experience!
    Jane F.
  2. Great dentists, great staff! Friendly and caring.

    My husband, who hates going to the dentist, admitted he didn’t mind seeing Dr. Pedersen – might not sound like it, but that is high praise! I love Dr. Pedersen; she does great work, is very understanding and careful about comfort, and is incredibly pleasant. My 15 year old daughter, had to have numerous fillings after getting her braces removed, and was quite nervous about having the work done. Dr. Pedersen got all the fillings done quickly, and with no discomfort or stress. I would highly recommend her for anyone who has stress about seeing a dentist!
    Lara H.
  3. Very Friendly

    Chase was very friendly and explained everything so I was less nervous and a lot more comfortable. He did a great job!!!
    Christina K.
  4. Very professional and friendly

    This was my first visit. The doctor was very polite professional and friendly. I really felt at comfortable and relaxed. The atmosphere is great.. I called on a Monday and was given an appointment for Wednesday in the same week. Now that’s service with the quickness!!!!!
    Lillian A.
  5. High Caliber Dental Team

    What an amazing dental team. Today was my first visit to Love to Smile. Dr. Sunny Patel and his hygenist, Chase, were both super handsome, and this is the first time ever that I wanted the dental appointment to go past an hour!! They both were also very polite, gentle and efficient. The receptionist was super nice, really competent and smart. I was also really impressed because this is the first time that I was asked by a dentist what is my number one priority with respect to issues with my teeth. When he asked me that, it made me feel that one of Dr. Patel’s underlying principles is that the work that will be done on the teeth is based on bilateral input (doctor’s technical input and the patient’s priorities) and mutual decision. I don’t see this happening in the dentists’ offices I have visited in the past. Many dentists feel the work to be done should be based on their expertise and their advice only (i.e., unilateral)). I also noticed that their equipment is high tech, so it made them look like the Dental Swat Team. The photos they took of my teeth were really impressive. I have a follow-up appointment in a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to see them again!! Yay!!
    Emma N.