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Love to Smile is proud to announce that it has added


Convergent Dental’s new dental laser

Solea’s technology offers patients a reliably anesthesia-free alternative to the traditional drill for hard and soft tissue procedures.

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  • No Drill
  • No Needles
  • No Jarring Noises
  • No Soreness
  • And Multiple Procedures
    Done in 1 Appointment

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Solea Dental Laser

Love to Smile is proud to announce that it has added Solea, Convergent Dental’s latest dental laser, to its practice. Solea’s technology offers patients a reliably anesthesia-free alternative to the traditional drill for hard and soft tissue procedures. Its unique 9.3 µm wavelength provides a natural anesthetic effect while also affording dentists the ability to cut dental enamel with unprecedented speed and precision. Patients experience virtually painless procedures that take a fraction of the time of a traditional dental appointment because practitioners do not need to inject anesthetic or control bleeding.

Schedule a pain-free dental procedure, and find out why our patients love the comfortable care of our dental laser. Love to Smile has three local dental offices in Lenexa, Overland Park, and Peculiar, making visits convenient! Take a look at our dental office locations, and schedule an appointment for your dental needs today!

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How Does SOLEA Work?

This dentistry technology is the first FDA-approved CO2 dental laser. SOLEA is ideal for all tissue-related dental procedures, including cavity treatment and oral surgery related to bones and gums. This technology provides dentists with the capability to treat cavities without needles or drills.

You won't experience the vibration, numbness, noise, or pain that comes with traditional treatment methods. No more stitches or discomfort during gum surgeries. Because the laser uses light to vaporize the target issue without coming in contact with your gum, tooth, or bone, most patients that have undergone SOLEA procedures have noted that the experience was painless and free of discomfort.

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Does SOLEA Really Work Without A Needle?

Yes, it does. In most cases, dentists won't need to inject a patient. The wavelength of light emitted by SOLEA is delivered in multiple pulses per second, allowing it to provide a soothing analgesic effect that removes most of the sensation.

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Why Should I Choose SOLEA For My Dental Procedures?

The SOLEA technology utilized by Love To Smile targets both soft and hard tissue. Whether you're looking to treat your dental enamel, bone, or other soft tissues, our SOLEA technology is designed with the capability to offer comprehensive treatments without adjustments to wavelength.

Enhanced Comfort
Using SOLEA means you get to experience no pain, numbness, noise, or vibrations. There's often no need to use anesthesia, which means you won't be seeing a needle during the process.

Shorter Visitation Time
Since SOLEA eliminates the need for anesthesia, you won't be waiting in the chair to get numb. The procedure will be over as soon as possible and you'll be out of the dentist's office in record time.

SOLEA technology is great for children and pregnant women. You don't have to worry about radiation as our SOLEA is very safe. All you'll need to do is put on the protective eyewear we'll provide you with during your appointment.

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Talk to Us About SOLEA at Your Next Appointment

SOLEA is beneficial for a wide range of dental treatments, including gum shaping, deep cleanings, soft tissue grafting, removal of decayed enamel, reversing the symptoms of periodontal disease, removing old prosthetics, and prepping for the placements of new prosthetics in areas such as the crown, inlay, and bridges.

You'll enjoy reduced bleeding, enhanced comfort, minimized need for specialty referrals, faster appointments, significantly lowered chances of getting injected with a local anesthetic, while getting multiple-phase treatment in just one sitting.
Visit Love To Smile today and find out for yourself what SOLEA is all about.

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