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Tooth Veneers

Fix Damaged Teeth & Repair Your Smile At Love to Smile

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What Are Veneers?

Veneers are becoming more and more popular as a way to improve the appearance of your smile. With some patients using veneers as a cosmetic enhancer to improve the overall aesthetics, and others fixing only a couple of teeth they’re unhappy with, veneers are an easy - though costly - way to feel confident with your smile.

Veneers are shells that are designed to look like your teeth, to improve the appearance of your smile. Veneers can be used for chipped or broken teeth, discolored teeth or simply to create a more cohesive look. For one-off tooth issues, some people get one veneer that is matched to their other teeth, whereas others may opt for a fuller look and apply veneers to multiple teeth.

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How Are Veneers Used On Your Teeth?

Your Love to Smile dentist will take a mold of the teeth that will be housing your new veneers, so you can receive custom-designed veneer shells that are ready to be fitted. On a fitting day, your dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth to ensure no plaque or bacteria are stuck under the teeth. Then, your teeth will gradually be shaped by the grinding tool which will create a textured base for the veneer to stick to. Finally, your veneer will be cemented to the face of the tooth and ultraviolet light makes sure they’re stuck in place.

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What Are The Benefits of Veneers?

Veneers are most commonly used to improve the aesthetics of your smile, so this is likely the biggest benefit of using veneers. Feeling confident with your smile and your mouth shouldn’t need to be a luxury. If you have some teeth that you’re unhappy with or would just like a cohesive look for all of your teeth together, veneers would most likely benefit you.

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Veneer Aftercare

After getting veneers, there isn’t much you need to do with regard to recovery. You can eat and drink as you normally would as soon as a few hours after the procedure. To ensure your veneers stay in top condition, there are a few things you can do going forward. Don’t chew hard things like ice, especially not with your front teeth, or open packaging with your teeth. Your veneers are firmly stuck in there, but you should take precautions to prevent any damage to your veneer.

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Veneers aren’t for everyone, particularly due to the cost, though they are an excellent solution for many aesthetic teeth issues. If you’re unsure if veneers are right for you, contact Love To Smile at our Overland Park, Peculiar, or Lenexa office to discuss your concerns. We will always be honest and upfront, as our goal is for you to love your smile.

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The Benefits of Tooth Veneers

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Fix cracks, chips, and imperfections

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Improve your smile with natural-looking veneers

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Porcelain veneers are resistant to staining

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Care for your teeth as you normally do

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Veneers are designed to last for decades

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Gums accept porcelain veneers well

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We want you to have a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile that can last a lifetime.

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Our compassionate and professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible.

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Call today and let us help you gain the confidence you’ve always wanted when you put your best smile forward.

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