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Dentures & Partial Dentures

An Excellent Temporary Solution For Missing Teeth

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What Are Complete Dentures?

Dentures are typically used on people who have had an accident, disease, or poor oral health. They’re an artificial solution to provide you with a full set of teeth, so you can live your life normally again. Dentures are made by taking impressions of your existing teeth and creating teeth and gum replacement for you.

Complete dentures are a full set of teeth, usually for people who are missing all of their natural teeth. Dentures can be taken out regularly as suction holds them in place, so the full set can be taken out for regular cleaning.

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What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are exactly as the name suggests; dentures that only cover part of your mouth. For people who are missing a few teeth and are unsuitable for bridges, partial dentures may be your best option. Partial dentures are not fitted by suction, but rather clasps that fit to your nearby teeth. Partial dentures can and should also be taken out regularly for cleaning.

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Caring For Your Dentures

Dentures are designed to behave like regular teeth, so they also need to be cleaned regularly just like your regular teeth. Plaque can build up on your dentures if not regularly cleaned, which can cause damage to your dentures and in the case of partial dentures, can also cause damage to your remaining natural teeth too. Dentures should be removed overnight so your mouth and gums have a chance to recover. Dentures can be hard on the gums and can often feel uncomfortable so removing them whilst you sleep is a great respite.

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Dentures by Love To Smile

Whether you want to determine your eligibility for dentures, want to book a fitting, or have an issue with existing dentures, our experienced dental technicians will always be completely honest with you about your needs. We will assess your individual case and discuss the options thoroughly with you, so you can always make an informed decision.

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Love To Smile is passionate about providing you with high-quality dental care. Dentures and partial dentures have been a popular solution for many years, and we’re well experienced in providing care for your mouth. Contact us today to discuss your denture concerns.

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The Benefits of Dentures

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Get a full, natural-looking smile

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Mitigate jaw decay that can be caused by missing teeth

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Improve your chewing ability and your speech clarity

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Dentures can be removed and cleaned easily

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Dentures last for years with proper care

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Your insurance may cover some or all of the costs

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We want you to have a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile that can last a lifetime.

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Our compassionate and professional staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible.

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Call today and let us help you gain the confidence you’ve always wanted when you put your best smile forward.

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