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When it comes to medical health, be it dental, orthodontic, or otherwise, a sure sign of excellence is a commitment to staying current with the latest technologies, the best practices, and the most comfortable and effective treatments for patients. And at Love To Smile in Overland Park, we’re committed to keeping up with the times and offering our patients the very best in orthodontic and general dentistry services.

As a part of this commitment, we’re proud to promote our use of the iTero Digital Intraoral Scanner for use in oral imaging and corrective orthodontic procedures. In today’s blog, we will help you learn more about this incredible piece of technology and how it is used at our practice by highlighting five of the most significant benefits that it offers to our patients in terms of effectiveness, comfort, and improved outcomes.

To learn more about the iTero Digital Intraoral Scanner, read on. To schedule an appointment with one of our orthodontists or dentists and take the next step in your dental health or corrective orthodontics journey, get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

Accurate 3D Imaging For Your Dental Work

The iTero Element Intraoral Scanner in our office is an incredible piece of machinery that offers our patients an improved experience and our dental professionals a powerful tool for providing better outcomes. Best of all, this digital oral scanner is very flexible in its application. It can be used for Invisalign®, general orthodontics, implants, bridges, and even crowns.

Part of the way that this tool provides such an advantage is in its ability to snap thousands of pictures quickly, easily, comfortably, and accurately. The “dental wand” is used to scan the inside of your mouth, and within just a few moments of the completion of scanning, the powerful computer of the iTero Elements scanner compiles them into a comprehensive 3-dimensional image, mapping your entire mouth from top to bottom, and back to front.

In the case that portion of the scan is incomplete or unable to be processed, a scan can be quickly completed without a need for you to return to the office at a later date or delay any work you are having done.

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So Much Better Than Molds

In years past, this same kind of mapping of the mouth — a crucial element for most orthodontic procedures, including braces, Invisalign® Aligners, dentures, bridges, and even crowns and bridges — could only be handled through the use of dental molds and putty.

For those of us who were left with no other options than molds and putty — both as patients and orthodontic professionals — there is little better news than knowing that they are a thing of the past. 

From a patient’s perspective, molds and putty are not very pleasant. They required you to keep a not-so-pleasant tasting substance in your mouth for longer than you would have liked and could leave your jaw feeling kind of tired.

From a professional standpoint, molds and putty were a less than perfect solution. It was easy for imprints to be sub-standard, and in the case that a patient closed their mouth while a mold was coming out, even a small nick from their teeth could mean a necessity for re-application.

Worst of all, even a decent imprint might require finishing work such as shaping, fitting, or grinding once it was back and “ready” for placement.

All of this is avoided with the help of the iTero Element Intraoral Scanner.

Outcomes You Can Actually See For Yourself

In terms of patient confidence in the outcome of their orthodontic procedures, it is hard to imagine a better tool than the iTero digital dental scanner. The 3D imaging isn’t just used to help our dentists and orthodontists get back accurate, quality dentures, bridges, and Invisalign® braces. 

It also can be used to provide predictive modeling of the changes that are going to take place over the course of treatment and allow a patient to actually see the smile that they are investing in for the future. 

Given that not all dental procedures are inexpensive by any means, this function of the iTero Intraoral Scanner helps to provide a tremendous sense of confidence that can reduce the stress and uncertainty that many patients can experience when undertaking long term orthodontic procedures such as braces.

Updates And Adjustments That Matter

Given all of the factors that go into corrective orthodontics, it can be hard to accurately predict the speed of changes or when undesired shifts or movements are starting, let alone make the perfect, minor adjustments to fix them right away. 

However, the iTero Elemental Digital Intraoral Scanner, discovering such changes and making the right choices for an effective fix right away is easier than ever. By comparing scans of current dental mapping and comparing them to previous 3D scans that have been taken, the iTero system can highlight the exact paths of movement and correction — or overcorrection — and simultaneously allows for dental professionals to make fast, accurate, and effective adjustments to provide for the best outcomes.

Enhanced Efficacy Of Your Dental Procedures

All of these data processing and computing power allows for the best outcomes possible when the iTero Digital Intraoral Scanner is used. And, we’re not just talking about end results either. More effective and accurate adjustments and treatments allow for better expectation setting, more comfortable fittings, and in some cases, it can even help to save you a little money in over the term or your corrective procedures.

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These five benefits make it easy to see why patients and dental professionals alike are so excited about the iTero Element scanning system. 

For the team at Love To Smile, this tool empowers us to continue with our commitment to providing only the very best in dental and orthodontic care for our patients of all ages — a responsibility that we take seriously by investing in new technology and engaging in ongoing education and professional development for staff at all levels of our practice.

For the best orthodontics and dental care in Overland Park, get in touch with the family dentists at Love To Smile today, and schedule your appointment.