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No one likes having a cavity. Even if it’s not painful, it’s annoying to say the least. You have to go to the dentist, have your tooth numbed, have the bad parts drilled out, and then you have to replace that hole with a substance so that the rest of your tooth stays intact. Afterwards, you are left with part of your face numb and perhaps a bit of pain that should only require an over-the-counter pain reliever to help with. While the process is not all that bad, it is still something you’d rather avoid.

Love to Smile offers the best preventative care dental services in Overland Park, Peculiar, and Lenexa. Our mission is to help you and your family have the best oral health possible. We do this by performing regular dental cleanings and exams, helping with any problems you may be experiencing, such as with a tooth loss, and by offering cosmetic dentistry services, such as tooth whitening, so that you can feel good about your smile. We love to smile here, and we hope to help you smile, too! Below, we’ll take a look at the different types of dental fillings available, so that if you ever have a cavity, you’ll know what your options are of replacing it. Call our dental office for an appointment or for more information today!



Gold fillings are a good choice due to their longevity. Like gold itself, gold fillings are very strong and non-corrosive. They can last well over a decade and sometimes over two decades. Many people like the look and the feel of gold fillings, which make them a good choice as a cavity replacement. However, they are more expensive than other types of dental fillings, and they usually require multiple trips to the dentist in order to ensure the right fit. Plus, many local dentists do not offer gold fillings as an option.

Silver Amalgam

Silver amalgam is a very popular dental filling. In fact, it has been in use for over 150 years as a dental filling. Furthermore, if you are older, this may be the type you have. As a metal, these are long-lasting as well. Silver amalgam fillings are usually a mixture of metals, including silver, tin, zinc, copper, and mercury. They offer strength like gold fillings do. However, they can expand and contract, which can cause your tooth to crack, which may then require a tooth replacement in the future. However, they are long-lasting, coming in over a decade for most people.

Another recent concern with silver amalgam is that they contain mercury, which can be poisonous to your body. Moreover, many people dislike the look of silver in their mouth, and they prefer a more natural dental filling instead. However, this type of dental filling is one of the least costly.


Composite type fillings are made from plastics for the most part, including acrylic resin, glass quartz, silica, or other types of ceramic particles. The mixture of different materials allows for the dental filling to be custom-colored to match your tooth coloring, so they blend it exceedingly well to the point that others don’t realize that you have dental fillings. These dental fillings are strong and non-poisonous. When placed in your tooth, they are soft, and then they are hardened with a blue curing light (if you’ve ever had this type of dental filling, now you know what that light was!). However, some composite fillings contain low amounts of BPA, or Bisphenol A, which can affect your endocrine system. They aren’t as durable as other types of dental fillings we’ve mentioned and usually have to be replaced on average between five and ten years.


Ceramic fillings are made from porcelain, which is tooth colored. This type of filling is exceedingly strong and durable, and because they are tooth-colored, are popular with those patients who choose them. They are also highly resistant to staining. However, they are on the more expensive side, and they can affect the teeth around them adversely if the porcelain becomes worn. You might hear ceramic fillings referred to as inlays or onlays in the dental industry and lingo.

Glass Ionomers

This type of filing is made from acrylics. These fillings are primarily used for children when they get a cavity in their baby teeth before they get their adult teeth in. They only last about five years as they are weaker and more prone to cracking. An added bonus is that they can release fluoride to help prevent further tooth decay by killing any nearby bacteria. The color of glass ionomer fillings cannot be matched to your tooth like you can match composite fillings. However, you don’t have to remove excess tooth material in order to have glass ionomer fillings.

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Love to Smile loves to help people smile! Our mission is to offer comprehensive dental care for the entire family. We want you to have a healthy mouth and a great smile for decades. We treat all ages here, from children to seniors, and our dental staff is dedicated to ensuring you are taken care of when you are with us. We help with insurance billing and processing, and we can answer all of your questions. Some of our dental services include veneers, Invisalign, braces, dental checkups, teeth whitening, root canals, sealants, and more.

During your regular dental checkups and exams, we always check for cavities. We also can see cavities on X-rays as well. By coming into our dental office on a regular basis, we can catch cavities when they are small. This lessens the likelihood of an infection developing. Dental checkups are also a great time for you to connect with your dentist and raise any concerns you may be having about your teeth or any symptoms you may be experiencing. We can help you choose your dental filling material, too!

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