In our last blog post, we discussed the types of dental fillings available today. Dental fillings are the substances that replace the rotted part of your tooth, or cavities. Once all of the decay has been cleaned out, the decay will stop, and your tooth will be preserved with good care.

Love to Smile is a dental office that has locations in Overland Park, Peculiar, and Lenexa. Our top-rated dentists specialize in general and family dentistry, as well as cosmetic. We offer a wide variety of dental services in order to ensure your teeth are taken care of, from preventative dental checkups to fillings. Below, we’ll offer up some tips on how to prevent cavities. Contact us for a dental appointment today!

“What Are Cavities?”

Most of us know that cavities are bad and that you don’t want them. But why? Cavities are areas of your teeth that have suffered permanent damage from harmful bacteria in your mouth. This harmful bacteria thrives on sugar and food bits in your teeth. Cavities are a big problem the world over. If left untreated, cavities can cause many problems, including pain, infection, and ultimately tooth loss.


Brush Your Teeth Daily

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to prevent cavities is to regularly brush your teeth. The American Dental Association (ADA), a dental association that was founded in 1859 to promote good oral health care, recommends that you brush your teeth for two minutes at a time twice a day and that you replace your toothbrush every three to four months. Your toothbrush should have a soft-bristled head so it’s easy on the gums. Be sure to brush every side of your teeth.

Floss Daily

What can cause cavities, especially smooth surface cavities that are on the sides of your teeth, is food that becomes trapped in-between your teeth. This is an open invitation for bacteria to not only eat the food, but to also prey on your tooth enamel while it’s at it. Flossing especially before bed so that food does not sit near your teeth for eight hours, is one of the best ways to prevent cavities. It removes the tiny food particles that you may not even know are there, warding off cavities.

Invest in Mouthwash

Usually people either love mouthwash or they hate it. For the most part, this has to do with the taste. Mouthwash has actually been around for almost as long as toothbrushes have been. After all, after you eat, it is quite easy to rinse your mouth out. The ancient Romans used urine in mouthwash because ammonia found in urine was believed to help disinfect your mouth and whiten your teeth. In fact, urine was a common mouthwash ingredient up through the mid-1800s. Urine was replaced by alcohol around this time. Modern mouthwash contains ingredients (not urine, thankfully!) that are chosen to fight bacteria, plaque, and germs, and help rinse away food particles. Mouthwash has many benefits, including helping promote healthy gums and prevent gingivitis, or gum disease. Love to Smile recommends that you read the label to understand the proper use of mouthwash before you begin.

Eat Healthy Foods

Bacteria love sugar, or the glucose in sugar. It is very easy for them to process, which is why they are attracted to it when it is present. Bacteria produce acids that then destroy tooth enamel, which is why you don’t want bacteria near your teeth. Thus, the less sugary foods you consume, the less food particles you will have in your mouth to attract this harmful bacteria, which then decreases your chances of getting a cavity. Therefore, if you choose to eat healthy foods, you are inherently eating less sugar. And when you do eat sugary foods, one trick to help your teeth is by rinsing your mouth out with water immediately afterwards, or by drinking water, in order to get rid of the sugar in your mouth.

Invest in Regular Dental Checkups

Dental checkups and cleanings are another good practice you can invest in to avoid cavities. During a dental cleaning, your dental hygienist will remove the plaque and build up on your teeth that can cause cavities. Plus, your dentist will check for any new cavities that may have formed since your last checkup. Early detection is one key to ensuring that cavities are taken care of when they are small before they cause any major problems, such as tooth decay, gum disease, or tooth loss. Your local dentists, such as Love to Smile, offer preventative dental checkups in order to help ensure great oral health and less cavities overall.

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As you can see, there are steps we can take to help fend off cavities before they form. Some of these are quite simple, such as brushing regularly and investing in mouthwash. Changing your diet may take a bit longer, but small steps over time add up. By taking the adobe tips to heart, you can rest assured you’ll have the best chance to avoid cavities.

Love to Smile loves to see your smiles. We help our patients have the best possible dental care by taking the time to discover if anything is bothering you, performing through dental cleanings, and offering advice on at-home dental care. After your baby teeth, you only have one set of teeth for your entire life. By taking care of your teeth every day, you’ll be sure to have a beautiful smile for perpetuity. Call one of our dental offices in Overland Park, Peculiar, or Lenexa to get started today!