Dentist Overland Park - Is InvisalignⓇ Right For Me? love to smile

Invisalign is a revolutionary way to repair your teeth, building on the traditional braces method. Invisalign is a process of multiple clear trays that you insert over your teeth to gently shift them into a straight position. The trays are designed to shift your teeth each time you move onto the next set, resulting in straight teeth without anybody knowing what you did.

Current Teeth Health

Invisalign is for people who have healthy teeth that aren’t quite as straight as you’d like them to be. Good oral hygiene is imperative for the Invisalign process. This process doesn’t fix issues that may be ongoing with your teeth but can help straighten teeth gaps, overbites, underbites, crossbites or crowded teeth. 

You’re The Right Age & Are Responsible

Whilst braces are typically given to younger teens, Invisalign requires a certain level of self-control and dedication to the process so is mostly for adults. Your dentist will be able to confirm whether you’re an appropriate age for Invisalign, but it’s important to remember that later teens and adults are more likely to be able to start the Invisalign process. 

You Don’t Smoke

One of the worst things you can do whilst wearing Invisalign – besides not wearing them – is to wear them whilst smoking. Not only is smoking bad for your teeth generally, but it will make your trays dirty and unhygienic. 

Invisalign’s Smile Assessment Test

If you’ve passed all of the above prerequisites and would like to learn more, you can take Invisalign’s own Smile Assessment Test which will help determine your readiness and suitability for the process. Taking this test can help you confirm if you’d like to enquire about this before you reach out to Love To Smile.

Invisalign isn’t for everybody, but it can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile. If you’d like to see if you’re the right fit for Invisalign, reach out to Love To Smile in Overland Park for a consultation.