The Quality of Your Teeth Is Important

Features People Look at First

As Valentine’s Day nears, more and more people are looking for their ideal partner. Because February 14th draws closer, this typically means that this is the prime dating season. Dating can be stressful for many reasons, however, the most important reason is who you can tell if you both “click” or not. The issue with first dates is that they rely almost entirely on first impressions. First impressions are stressful because you are being judged on your first appearance and first meeting with a complete stranger. It is found that it takes a person 100 milliseconds or less to form an impression and determine if someone is attractive. The key to dating is to be yourself, and maybe put a little effort into your presentation. Now, this doesn’t mean wear something different, or style your hair in a weird way. This simply means that you try to look normal and pay attention to your hygiene.

When dating, the first impression is crucial because it will determine if there will be more dates. Because of this, there is a little bit of added pressure, especially if you like the person you are currently going out with. One way to ensure a great first impression is to make sure that the first things people look at when dating are clean and in place. The following blog is a list of the seven things people look at when making an assumption about you. Dating is difficult, but by making a good first impression, you can relax for the evening and perhaps let go of the pressure you are feeling.

Your Clothing

Both men and women judge based on attire — which makes sense. Generally, your clothes are a window to your personality or can describe what you do for a living and how you feel. On a date, you want to look your best, even if you don’t typically dress that nice. This strictly means, even if you are a relaxed person at heart, don’t wear sweats and a beanie to a date. Typically, you want to wear a stylish shirt and a pair of slacks. When you put a little bit more effort into your presentation, the opposite person from you will notice. Putting on comfortable and stylish clothing is always a good idea if you wish to make a good first impression.

Your Eyes

Luckily, on dates, the opposite person isn’t always looking at the materials you are wearing. Most people will look at your facial features, especially since most of dating concerns conversation. Your eyes are said to be the windows of your soul, which is why when dating, people often try to make as much eye contact as possible. Since you are making so much eye contact, it is important that your eyes are clear and healthy. So, try to bring eye drops along with you if your eyes are feeling a little dry.

The good part of eyes being a main focal point of dating is they don’t require much work. Your eyes are a part of you, so either the person opposite feels a connection, or they don’t.

Your Hair

Dry shampoo is your new best friend! Your hair, specifically your hairline, is one of the first things people look at. What they are looking for is to determine whether you shower regularly. If your hair is at all greasy, you have just hurt yourself big time in the dating world. Even if you do shower regularly, any grease in your hair is a huge warning sign to the person opposite you. If you naturally have greasy hair, dry shampoo is a great solution to your problems. All you have to do is spray a little on your roots and work the spray in with your fingers. In seconds you are grease-free and ready to mingle!

Your Facial Skin

Because most of dating involves close conversation, your skin is basically put on display. If you have troublesome skin, your best option is to invest in high-quality skincare products. You also may want to purchase a great concealer that will be able to hide any stowaway blemishes.

Your Eyebrows

Tame your caterpillar eyebrows at all costs! Nothing says unruly and unkept like a bushel of eyebrow hair above your eyes! Though tweezing can be painful and tedious, it is very necessary and will help you in the dating process. For example, nothing is worse than a unibrow. By taking the time to clean up your eyebrow hair you will not only look better, but the person opposite you will make a better impression of you.

Your Lips

If the date is going well, the person opposite of you will start looking are your lips. Because most of dating involves long conversation, your lips become a focal point almost the second you begin to speak. If you have cracked or peeling lips, this can hurt your chances for a second date. One way to fix dry lips is by using moisturizer and chapstick. If your lips are cracked beyond the point of no return, take some honey and brown sugar from your kitchen; mix these two ingredients into a paste and rub them onto your lips. The sugar will act as an exfoliant and take away the dry skin. Once you have finished, make sure you put a bit of chapstick to lock in the moisture of your lips..

Your Smile

Your smile is by far the most important feature of your face and the part that people will immediately base their impression on. If you have awful, crooked teeth, before you even get to order food, your date will be over. Your teeth are a huge determinant of your own personal hygiene. If you have missing or dead teeth, you could also have an oral odor that can warn away potential partners. Orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry is your best way to fix these problems. By entrusting your smile to a professional, you can get the necessary treatment to correct obvious flaws in your teeth. Braces and professional teeth whitening treatment are the most obvious methods to improve your smile.

When you go on a date, a smile is the best way to break the tension. But when you have an awful smile, you can actually do the exact opposite. It is important that when you are on a date that you make sure nothing is in your teeth and that your teeth aren’t stained or yellowed. Your teeth are a direct reflection of your health, so if you have bad teeth, perhaps it is time to make a change.

Love Your Smile

At Love to Smile, we have a range of general dental services that can get your a phenomenal smile in no time! If you have crooked teeth, our orthodontists on staff can help you receive corrective metal or clear braces. Our staff can also instruct you on better ways to provide dental care and methods to keep your teeth looking beautiful for years to come.

If your teeth have grown yellowed or stained from years of abuse, it is not too late! Our dentistry office provides professional teeth whitening services that will give you a brilliant and radiant smile. Interested? Contact Love to Smile today! We have offices in Lenexa, Peculiar, and Overland Park.