1. Young Girl Holding Braces Model

    Invisalign® Versus Traditional Braces

    If you have misaligned teeth, both traditional braces and Invisalign® braces may prove to be viable solutions to make your smile straight, providing a lasting correction with both cosmetic and health benefits. That said, there are numerous key differences between these two different forms of correc…Read More

  2. Young Girl With Braces Smiling

    6 Benefits Of Braces

    Believe it or not, braces have been around for almost 300 years. French dentist, Pierre Fauchard, is credited with having invented them roughly 50 years before the United States was establishing its independence. In a world where things change so much, so fast — especially in terms of medical adva…Read More

  3. Young Woman Smiling Drinking Tea

    5 Advantages of the iTero Digital Intraoral Scanner

    When it comes to medical health, be it dental, orthodontic, or otherwise, a sure sign of excellence is a commitment to staying current with the latest technologies, the best practices, and the most comfortable and effective treatments for patients. And at Love To Smile in Overland Park, we’re comm…Read More

  4. Woman Using Invisalign Braces

    5 Great Reasons To Choose Invisalign® Braces

    It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in or what you do for a living, the decision to get braces is one that is worth taking some time to consider. Not so much because you need to evaluate the value of braces for helping you to get straighter, healthier teeth that you can feel confident in,…Read More

  5. Am I Too Old for Braces Banner II

    Am I Too Old for Braces? (Part Two)

    In part one of this series, we embarked on a journey to discover if braces are appropriate for adults, and found that they are indeed for people of all ages and extremely beneficial to adults. Follow along in today’s post as we navigate the different options and difficulties adults may face with b…Read More

  6. Am I Too Old for Braces Banner I

    Am I Too Old for Braces? (Part One)

    When you think of braces, you may think of a squirrely middle-schooler going through an already awkward phase, only to get the news that they’ll have to wear braces for the next couple of years! As adults, we may have skipped that awkward stage but are now left with a crooked smile in our later ye…Read More

  7. Young Girl With Metal Braces

    All About Braces

    Almost everyone in the United States has either had braces, or knows someone who has. Braces grace the mouths of many a teenager, but increasingly they are used on younger children’s teeth as well as adults'. Are braces right for you? What will having braces be like? If you are wanting to find out…Read More