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Tooth Restoration

Groundbreaking Tooth-Regrowing Medication Begins Human Trials This September

The future of tooth replacement is undergoing a revolutionary shift with the upcoming human trials of a tooth-regrowing drug. Spearheaded by researchers at Kyoto University Hospital, this innovative treatment could pave the way for a permanent solution to tooth loss. While the technology is still in its trial phase, the potential for regrowing teeth could transform dental care by 2030.

What is the Tooth-Regrowing Drug?

The tooth-regrowing drug is designed to regenerate teeth by deactivating the uterine sensitization-associated gene-1 (USAG-1) protein, which suppresses tooth growth. By blocking this protein, the drug encourages bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling, resulting in the growth of new teeth. This breakthrough follows successful animal trials involving mice and ferrets.


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Human Trials: A Milestone in Dental Research

The first human trial of this drug will begin in September at Kyoto University Hospital. The trial will involve 30 men aged 30-64 who are missing at least one molar. Researchers aim to evaluate the drug’s efficacy and safety in growing new teeth in humans, following promising results in animal studies.

Expanding the Scope of Research

Following the initial trial, researchers plan to extend the study to children aged 2-7 who suffer from congenital tooth deficiency, a condition affecting about 1% of the population. The ultimate goal is to expand the treatment to anyone with tooth loss, regardless of age or cause.

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The Science Behind the Drug

The tooth-regrowing drug works by targeting the USAG-1 protein, which shares a high amino acid homology (97%) with humans and other animals like mice and beagles. This similarity allows the drug to effectively stimulate tooth growth across different species, laying a solid foundation for human application.

Potential Impact on Dental Care

If successful, this treatment could be available within six years, offering a permanent solution for people with missing teeth. This advancement would mark a significant shift from traditional dental implants and dentures, providing a more natural and lasting remedy.

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Current Alternatives to Tooth Regrowth

While the tooth-regrowing drug holds great promise, it is not yet available to the public. In the meantime, dental implants remain the most reliable alternative for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants offer a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution, closely mimicking natural teeth.



The development of a tooth-regrowing drug represents a groundbreaking advancement in dental care. As we await the results of human trials, the possibility of regrowing teeth could become a reality within the next decade. Until then, individuals seeking tooth replacement should consider dental implants as an effective option.


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