Invisalign® is a type of invisible braces that many people love. It uses clear aligners to straighten the teeth, and they offer really cool benefits in addition to a gorgeous smile. Here at Love to Smile, our mission is to ensure the overall oral health of our patients. Below, we’ll go over things you didn’t know about Invisalign. Contact one of our dental offices in Overland Park, Peculiar, Lenexa, or our mobile dental office to get started today!

Straighter Teeth Have Many Benefits

Straighter teeth are easier to clean and less food gets stuck in them. This makes keeping your teeth clean easier, so you are less likely to get cavities. Crowded teeth also can lead to periodontal disease because the gums may not be able to grasp your teeth as well.

Each Aligner Tray Is Customized to Your Teeth

Invisalign is 100% customizable to your teeth. Your teeth are scanned by 3D imaging that makes extremely precise pictures of your teeth. Trays are then made, each designed to move your teeth into the right position. This makes Invisalign extremely effective at straightening your teeth.

You May Lose Weight With Invisalign

Invisalign trays are removable. However, you have to brush your teeth every time you eat or drink anything beyond water in order to ensure no food is stuck on your teeth and then held there by the trays, which can cause cavities. This may have you skipping snacks simply because you don’t want to brush your teeth.

Invisalign is for More Than Just Straight Teeth

Invisalign can correct many problems with your teeth that traditional braces can in addition to having straighter teeth. These dental issues include over and under bites, cross and open bites, gaps, and spacing issues.


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