In today’s society, white teeth are considered aesthetically pleasing. Surprisingly, white teeth have been popular for thousands of years with evidence that the ancient Egyptians valued white teeth, as did the Romans. While the teeth whitening process has changed, there are some ways you can get white teeth that are safe and effective. Below, we’ll go over some tips to get whiter teeth, and contact Love to Smile, a local dentist office in Overland Park, today.

Get Regular Dental Cleanings

One of the main culprits of yellow teeth is the food you eat and what you drink. Thus, when you brush your teeth regularly, you can help to ensure your teeth don’t become stained by the ingredients in your food and drink. You can also drink water after you eat or drink tea or coffee to help keep your teeth white.

Brush and Floss Regularly

Dental veneers can be formed in any color combination. Some people choose to get partial dental veneers, so they match the color of their veneers to their existing teeth. Others choose to invest in a full set of dental veneers, so they get dental veneers in pearly white to brighten their smile. The choice is completely up to you. Talk to our local dentists for advice today.

Consider Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin coverings that adhere to the surface of your teeth in order to give them a vibrant white appearance. This cosmetic dental procedure works by having a mold taken off your teeth. The molds are then sent off to a dental lab and then they will be placed to fit perfectly on your teeth. Dental veneers can be made in many sizes and lengths, fixing cracked teeth and gaps, too.

Consider Professional Teeth Whitening by Your Local Dentist

Professional teeth whitening is a common procedure that many people love because the results are outstanding. In a professional teeth whitening service, a special peroxide is used that will help break down the stains in your teeth to make them brighter and whiter. This simple office procedure restores confidence to many and offers a great look you’ll love. Contact our local dentists to schedule today.


There are many fabulous ways you can care for your teeth so that they stay bright and white. Above, we’ve listed some of our favorites. After all, white teeth look beautiful and can definitely give you more confidence when meeting people. If you are interested in any of our dental services to whiten your teeth, get in touch with Love to Smile and schedule your dental appointment at one of our office locations in Overland Park, Peculiar, Lenexa, and now our mobile studio today!