It can feel overwhelming to determine what products to use when you are trying to achieve a whiter smile. With what feels like a million different options, which ones should you choose? At Love To Smile in Kansas, we give our clients the smile of their dreams through our different products and services. Whether you are looking to enhance your already beautiful smile or you want to completely transform it, we can help you achieve your goals. If you want to learn more about what teeth whitening products will give you a brighter smile, keep reading!


From sensitive to fast-acting, there are many different types of products to fit your specific needs. If you are looking for quick whitening solutions, there are over-the-counter products that can work! Crest White Strips are a good product to use when you are looking for quick whitening. However, they don’t last long-term and they only get the front of your teeth. Staying consistent with products like teeth whitening toothpaste can give you whiter results, but it is not likely that they will completely change your smile.


Professional teeth whitening can give you longer-lasting desired results. With professional teeth whitening, treatments can be customized to fit your specific needs. Whitening done at a professional office is also more controlled so that every necessary part is being whitened with products that you cannot get over-the-counter. At Love To Smile, we use products that break down discoloration leaving you with noticeably whiter teeth. Additionally, our team of professionals can give you treatments specialized for sensitive teeth that also protect your teeth long-term.

Best Ones for You

Every smile is different and requires different treatments. If you are looking for a quick fix the night before a big event, you can use over-the-counter products to get a slightly whiter smile. However, if you are looking for a long-term solution that is not harmful to your teeth and is customized to your specific needs, professional teeth whitening is a better choice.

Why You Should Choose Love To Smile

Your smile is already beautiful but enhancements like teeth whitening can give you the smile of your dreams. At Love To Smile, our goal is to give you a perfect smile through our services. Our services go beyond teeth whitening as we also offer other dental cosmetic treatments like implants, veneers, and braces.

If you are ready to start your journey towards perfecting your smile, contact us today! Our team of professionals will work with you to determine which services are best for your specific needs.